Location Innovation Hub


Bridging the Gap Between Research and Industry Needs

"Borrow a Researcher," is an initiative that aims to match industry players with the best minds in spatial data research. The goal is to facilitate meaningful conversations and collaborations that propel businesses forward.

Courage, technology and (spatial) data is needed for a bright rural future in Finland

Despite the help of technology, there are concerns about labour shortages in the sector and the profitability of farming. Can technology and more efficient use of location data be part of the solution?

New open seminar series – learn more about Place, Privacy, and Mobility on 8 November

The University of Helsinki is running a new seminar series called GeoSPA (Space, Place, Analysis). The seminars will feature guest speakers from the top of the geospatial world. On Wednesday 8 November, Dr. Grant McKenzie (Department of Geography, McGill University) will provide a glimpse into the research currently underway at McGill University's Platial Analysis Lab.

The Location Innovation Hub is ready for action

The Location Innovation Hub coaches start-ups, small and medium-sized enterprises and public administration organisations that want to develop their business using location data and state-of-the-art technology.

Is location intelligence the key to success? Searching for winning formulas in the data economy

How to develop business internationally through digitalisation and the data economy? This was the topic of discussion at the Digitalisation and data economy event in Oulu on Tuesday 19.9.2023.

New innovations for the health and well-being sector: Geospatial Challenge Camp kick-off 25.9. in Espoo

The Geospatial Challenge camp will kick off next week. The two-day event will include an open session on 25 September from 13-17, where the challenge concept and the data and support offered by the partners will be presented.