Frequently Asked Questions

1What is Location Innovation Hub and what does it do?
Location Innovation Hub is a European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) which aims to help companies and the public sector to advance their digital capabilities with more effective use of location data. Location Innovation Hub offers an array of services such as different thematic events and networking opportunities, consultancy services, test-before-invest service, and various training events.
2Who can become a client?
Anyone who sees that a more effective use of location data could help them advance their digital capabilities. Our services are tailored for SMEs, startups, and the public sector, but any organisation with a business ID (or similar) can join the Hub if they find our services valuable to them. Please note that your organisation must be from one of the participating countries in the Digital Europe programme.
3How do I become a client?
You can contact us using this form. After that, we will contact you and discuss what kind of service is best for your organisation.
4What does it cost or require to become a client?
We are funded by the EU and Business Finland, so our services are essentially free of charge. Our services only require you to complete a digital maturity assessment, which takes around 20 minutes but does not commit you to anything. For more information, please contact us.
5Can I become a customer without filling in the maturity assessment?
Our events are open to everyone, but for other services, we kindly request the completion of the maturity assessment. It is a multiple-choice form, and filling it out is a prerequisite for the funding of services.
6How much do the services provided by Location Innovation Hub cost?
Our services are essentially free of charge up to an agreed-upon limit. The use of different test environments may incur some costs due to the maintenance expenses of the test infrastructure. You can read more about our services here.
7How much time should I reserve for your services?
The duration of our services depends on your preferences and the type of service. For example, through the borrow a researcher service, you can access the expertise of a top researcher for up to a few days. However, in the case of test environments, usage may be more long-term.
8What is the role of Location Innovation Hub's partners?
Our partners have expertise in a wide range of areas. When you tell us what kind of support you need, we will match you with the best partners to help you with your case. If you'd like to explore the skills of our partners, take a look at Our Expertise page.
9What happens after filling the digital maturity assessment?
More information on our Become a client page.