Health and wellbeing


Research teams develop new solutions for the health and well-being sector in ten weeks 

A new kind of innovation event, the Geospatial Challenge Camp, was officially launched at the end of September. The theme of this year's challenge camp is health and well-being, and at the launch event the theme was introduced as well as various related data sets, open-source solutions, and computing environments.

New innovations for the health and well-being sector: Geospatial Challenge Camp kick-off 25.9. in Espoo

The Geospatial Challenge camp will kick off next week. The two-day event will include an open session on 25 September from 13-17, where the challenge concept and the data and support offered by the partners will be presented.

Location intelligence for healthcare professionals 

The Radical Health event was the first joint effort for Location Innovation Hub and Health Hub Finland to introduce digitalisation opportunities to healthcare professionals and innovators.

Geospatial Challenge Camp looking for business partners

Is your organization working with real-world health and well-being problems, and desire to solve them with location data and digital tech? Geospatial Challenge Camp is looking for partners!

Radical Health Festival

The increasing digitalisation of the health and wellbeing sector is transforming the way healthcare services are delivered and received. Organisations that embrace digitalization are better positioned to compete in today's rapidly evolving healthcare landscape and are more likely to achieve long-term success. HealthHub Finland and Location Innovation Hub, two European Digital Innovation Hubs from Finland support companies and public sector to achieve their goals. Meet us at Radical Health Festival in June 2023.